Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Union plan to crash Wall Street and “redistribute wealth” will be used as a scapegoat for when insiders decide to launch the next financial false flag

Leftist “Economic Terrorists” Are Patsies For The Real Economic Terrorists

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The controversy generated around the remarks of former SEIU official Stephen Lerner and his plan to rally unions, lawmakers, student groups and community organizers around a plan to crash the stock market, destroy big banks and redistribute wealth in America by destabilizing the country will be exploited by the real financial terrorists when they decide to launch the next false flag attack on the U.S. economy.

During a closed session at a Pace University forum last weekend, Lerner divulged his plan to seize back the trillions stolen by big banks through a series of actions designed to “destabilize” financial markets.
“Lerner’s plan is to organize a mass, coordinated “strike” on mortgage, student loan, and local government debt payments–thus bringing the banks to the edge of insolvency and forcing them to renegotiate the terms of the loans. This destabilization and turmoil, Lerner hopes, will also crash the stock market, isolating the banking class and allowing for a transfer of power,” reports Business Insider.
“Lerner’s plan starts by attacking JP Morgan Chase in early May, with demonstrations on Wall Street, protests at the annual shareholder meeting, and then calls for a coordinated mortgage strike.”
Despite ominous warnings from the likes of Glenn Beck, that Lerner’s comments represent the left’s “economic terrorism playbook” in their bid to “take down capitalism” in the United States, in reality it wasn’t leftist activists or unions that used economic terrorism to oversee the 2008 financial collapse and the subsequent heist in the form of the bailout, it was powerhouse financial firms like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and their allies inside the Bush and Obama administrations.
If we’re talking about “economic terrorists” then look no further than former Goldman Sachs CEO and Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. The initial $700 billion dollar TARP bailout that was passed in October 2008, which laid the foundation for subsequent unchecked bailouts that eventually soared past the $20 trillion mark, was rammed through on the back of threats of martial law, stock market collapses, and food riots by none other than Paulson himself. This is real economic terrorism, and not just a bunch of SEIU leftists blowing hot air, but Glenn Beck didn’t seem very interested in reporting on it at the time, having been a staunch advocate of the TARP bailout from the very start.
During a conference call on September 19th 2008, around two weeks before the TARP legislation was eventually approved by both the Senate and Congress, Paulson threatened lawmakers with dire consequences if they didn’t pass the bailout.
As we reported at the time, on October 2, Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman gave a stunning speech on the House floor during which he decried the fact that, “Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day, another couple of thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.”

Speaking on Tulsa Oklahoma’s 1170 KFAQ, when asked who was behind threats of martial law and civil unrest if the bailout bill failed, Senator James Inhofe named Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson as the source.
“Somebody in D.C. was feeding you guys quite a story prior to the bailout, a story that if we didn’t do this we were going to see something on the scale of the depression, there were people talking about martial law being instituted, civil unrest….who was feeding you guys this stuff?,” asked host Pat Campbell.
“That’s Henry Paulson,” responded Inhofe, “We had a conference call early on, it was on a Friday I think – a week and half before the vote on Oct. 1. So it would have been the middle … what was it – the 19th of September, we had a conference call. In this conference call – and I guess there’s no reason for me not to repeat what he said, but he said – he painted this picture you just described. He said, ‘This is serious. This is the most serious thing that we faced.’”
Inhofe said that Paulson told members of Congress the crisis would be “far worse than the great depression” if Congress didn’t authorize the bill to buy out toxic debt, a proposal “which he abandoned the day after he got the money,” added Inhofe.
Inhofe was referring to the fact that after promising the money would be used to buy up toxic debt, Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, pulled a bait and switch and ordered the money be injected directly into banks.
This is genuine economic terrorism – using your position as Treasury Secretary to threaten martial law and a collapse in society to get a bill passed that hands your bankster buddies billions, and eventually trillions, in stolen bailout funds.
In comparison to the brazen financial terrorism that was exercised to get the bailout passed, Paulson makes Stephen Lerner look like a pussycat.
Although Lerner’s rhetoric is bold and aggressive, the idea that a gaggle of leftists can get together and crash Wall Street, bring down major banking institutions, and launch a successful revolution against mortgage companies, is ambitious to say the least.
What’s more likely to happen is that the financial terrorists who caused the crash in the first place, the offshore banks and Wall Street itself, will use Lerner and his ilk as patsies on which to blame the next big engineered collapse of financial markets.
When the next phase of the economic false flag is set in motion, leftists and Democrats will be blamed for the turmoil, while the real culprits, the financial power structure itself, will once again evade scrutiny.
Remember, the insiders make money whether markets are on the up or in a state of collapse. The insiders are the only ones to benefit from dramatic movements in financial markets.
With the U.S. approaching insolvency we are just around the corner from the next big leg down of the financial collapse. When it happens, the government and the establishment media will use Lerner and his ilk as scapegoats, despite the fact that the staged collapse will have been triggered by the same financial institutions and offshore banks that set in motion the 2008 collapse to enrich their own coffers and re-structure the global financial system in their image.
The Pentagon’s attempt to blame the 2008 meltdown on “foreign financial terrorists” gives us a clear indication that the establishment is on the lookout for patsies on which to pin the blame for the next act of financial terrorism.
While Glenn Beck worries about Lerner’s fanciful dreams of a mass redistribution of wealth, the real agenda that the genuine financial terrorists seek to achieve only accelerates, namely a global currency controlled by a global central bank as part of the imposition of a global government.

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