Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Coming Economic Collapse: This Is a Breakdown Crisis

How long until we experience a break-down crisis?
Some staggering numbers suggest things are already spiraling out of control.
Consider that in less than 5 years we’ve seen the number of people receiving direct government payments rise by $600,000,000,000.00 or 32% , with a projection of 500 billion more by 2016, or the fact that 49% of Americans now live in a home where at least one person receives a government benefit; that’s a 44% increase – and possibly the most telling statistic, 46 million Americans who need food stamps to support themselves or their family.
That is a 45% increase in just 4 years! These numbers indicate that we indeed are on the fasttrack to a major break-down crisis.
The powers-that-be will do everything possible to convince the masses that cause of this looming crisis is anything and everything other than the corrupt political and financial system that has chokehold on the globe.
The GOP is working hard to convince its base that Barack Obama has created an entitlement nation, with Newt even going so far as labeling him the ‘Food Stamp President.’
The Dems will work their base into a frenzy over Bush era tax cuts, as well as other “inherited” red team policies as being the root of all the nation’s woes.
Even the power elite gathered in Davos are playing the blame-game, spotlighting Capitalism itself as the cause of the planet’s pain.
The red team, the blue team, and the power elite that they serve are the disease that must be cured before and notion of liberty and prosperity can return.
We seen these misery statistics go parabolic, not because of lazy food stamp loving have-nots , but because we have allowed Capitalism and free markets to be hijacked by financial terrorists that will use the threat of global economic Armageddon to twist representative government into private banking servants who will first blame the have-nots for having nothing, and then shout from the top of the Swiss Alps that Capitalism has failed.
The failure is complete, but it is the failure to wake up and put an end to a system that takes the losses of the ultra-powerful and dump them onto the ultra-powerless.

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