Friday, May 25, 2012

Passive Resistance is Futile

Here’s a man standing against the socialist evil of the Nazis:
Our man is in front, second from the left with no helmet. He is a Nazi soldier who is refusing to help execute 16 Yugoslav civilians.
Shortly after this picture was taken, he took his place amongst the victims, and was executed with them.
This is a classic example of passive, non-violent resistance.
Raise your hand, everybody who thinks it was effective.
Today we are facing a creeping rise of quasi-military tyranny. The war on drugs, the war on guns, and the war on (almost non-existent American patriot) terrorists, have created an increasingly arrogant police force. They have not yet fallen to the point of the Nazi army, willing to shoot civilians in rows like this, but they are willing to beat, shock, spray, and of course imprison those who resist in any way, even with words, even by merely taking pictures.
Of course, the form of “resistance” they most object to is any encroachment on their monopoly of force. Carrying and especially using any form of firearm by the unbadged is anathema to many.
How do we stop this?
Is it enough to vote Republican? How about simply withdrawing from society, stockpiling food and ammo in the name of disaster preparedness?
Is it enough to do what this man did, to passively resist violence hoping to shock the nation?
Or should we follow Solzhenitsyn’s advice, and make sure that when they come for us, we make it fatal for as many of them as we can?
The problem with the passive soldier in the photo is that we are only now, far too late, finding out what he did.
Every day people right now are finding themselves caught up in the state’s satanic mills.
Nobody hears about them because, like the German press in Nazi days, our press is on the wrong side. They are covering for a socialist government bent on tyranny.
Go ahead, campaign against Obama. Put clever bumper stickers on your car, Stay Puft Man versus Moving Torb signs in your yard, snarky teeshirts on your back. Hell, vote for Romney, or even the Libertarian candidate, whoever he is.
No, really, do that. Og explains why you should be active in the political scene, in a post that inspires me. If we don’t do at least this, the picture up there is inevitable.
Sure, you can go further. Hand out flyers on jury nullification in front of the courthouse. Give joints to the officers rolling out at the start of their shifts.
Attend Tea Party rallies.
No one will care. Reporters will not notice.
Or go the next step: Defend yourself against an mugger with darker skin than your own. Open carry without a license.
You will disappear.Oh, your arrest will show up on the police blotter page of your local paper. There might be a local newscast suggesting that you will be evaluated by a police psychologist. You’ll be allowed your phone call, if you survive your arrest, as is likely.
But mostly your brave resistance will go unnoticed. It will be as wasted as this soldier’s was. He could have gone down killing the agents of oppression and tyranny.
What are we supposed to do instead? I am lost here. I honestly don’t know the answer. I suspect that a civil war is inevitable, and I’m too old for that, far too unprepared. The damage it would do…I quail at the thought.
But what are we supposed to do?
[update to link to Og's post. And I'll add this: the liberal/progressive/socialist left wants us to despair, wants us to put ourselves out of the action either by disengaging or getting thrown into jail. They control the media, and acts of open defiance will not be reported.
[And what I'm coming around to is, Make noise. Vote. Don't sit down and shut up. Don't take the fight to the cops. Defend yourself, if need be. But no more than that. No first use of violence, remember? But maybe, just maybe, it's time to think about what you do when first violence has been offered. Crackheaded or jackbooted, thugs is thugs. Your home is your castle. Stand your ground.]

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