Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The White House And Media Fail To Spin Away The Truth About Obama’s Birth

wheres the birth’s release of a 1991 literary biography of President Barack Obama by his literary agent was another nail in the coffin of the legitimacy and credibility of the Obama presidency.
There is concrete evidence that Obama was born in Kenya. The horse’s mouth has spoken. Barack Obama’s presence in the White House symbolizes the death of America and the American Constitution.
Not everybody in America and the world has been hoodwinked by the Obama administration and the American media. And not every state in the union is willingly surrendering American sovereignty to international private interests and participating in the destruction of the American Constitution. Arizona has made Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate a ballot issue.
In a just and honest America, Obama would be kicked out of the White House with his tail between his legs. This little devil has committed crimes against America, and crimes against humanity.
President Obama has created an allure and mystique around his life before politics and consequently contributed to the public controversy about his birthplace. He has made his bed with unstable materials and he will fall on his ass because of it.
As the end of his first term nears, questions about Obama’s birthplace have been put to rest. This is no longer a silly controversy or a conspiracy theory that can be laughed away in late night comedy sketches on television. The force of truth is unbreakable and unshakable. The tools of mockery, deflection, and humour are powerless against it.
All sensible, honest, moral, and honourable people recognize that Obama is a fraud and a liar who should be impeached and put away for life. The blind and obedient followers of Obama are hugging onto Obama’s legs and screaming like mad: “It’s not true! It’s not true! My master would never lie to me. You are all paranoid nuts!” Obama’s true believers and mindless followers will defend their master unto death.
II. The Media’s Role In The Creation And Presentation of An Artificial American President
The political and media culture of spin and deception is the biggest reason why America is on a path to economic destruction and political collapse.
The media magicians in America sold the Iraq war, the false flag 9/11 events, the war on terror, and the Bankster bailouts, but they haven’t successfully sold the big lie that Obama was born in America. They have lost their control of the narrative about Obama and his meteoric rise to power.
In the battle for the Obama narrative, the media liars have fought like George Foreman and the truth-tellers have fought like Muhammad Ali. Truth-tellers have taken the punches, stood their ground, tired out the liars, and they are now strong enough to throw punches. The liars are sweating, losing breath, and moving around the propped up ring of reality in a dizzying manner.
It is inevitable that the liars in the media will be knocked out because blows after blows of truth punches have landed on their faces. The media’s lying lips have swollen. Its legs are gone, its hands are broken, and its face is bruised up. If the global alternative media keeps throwing punches, then the criminal corporate-state media will collapse on its feet.
The collapse of the mainstream media is an event that we should expect and contribute to bringing about by continuing to tell the truth about the false flag 9/11 events, the origins of the private Federal Reserve cartel, the causes of the global financial crisis, Obama’s birth, and Osama’s death.
The collapse of the corporate-state media in the United States and the West is an ongoing historical process. We can point to a bunch of newspapers and cable channels and say they are symbolic of the media’s collapse. There may or may not be a defining moment.
But we will definitely not see something equivalent to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 because America does not have a Berlin Wall to symbolize the fact that America is a totalitarian state on the edge of collapse. America’s deranged ruling political class is very shrewd, and symbolically conscious, so they won’t make the mistake of publicizing their own downfall.
The collapse of the satanic American Empire and its propaganda media stations and newspapers won’t be as clean cut as the collapse of the Soviet Union. Things will get very messy before any major reforms are made in the American political, financial, and media system.
President Barack Obama has already decided what side he is on: the losing side. History is not with him. The truth is not with him. Moral force is not with him. God is not with him. America is not with him. Humanity is not with him. He has lost all legitimacy and credibility. Universal justice demands that he step down and answer for his crimes against America and humanity.
Obama and the criminal oligarchs who put him in power will be politically, morally, and spiritually defeated. Those who deny his lies and defend his war crimes must realize by now that they have placed their hope in a fallen man who is not even straight enough to say what country he was born in and what his real name is.

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