Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Brother's Mobile Cameras

Mobile surveillance cameras on prowl in Port Richmond
Philadelphia Business JournalFriday, April 25, 2008
Mobile surveillance cameras have been put in use in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia as a means of catching and deterring illegal dumpers, officials announced Thursday.
The cameras are a joint effort of the Richmond Corridor Association and Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP) and went into use last week.
Fewer than 10 cameras in all will be used by officials, who will station them periodically at problem areas to record activity around-the-clock. The mobile cameras, which were funded by an $80,000 Neighborhood Transformation Initiative grant, will be used along with fixed cameras, Steve Jurash, CEO of MAP, said.
"What makes them unique is they are mobile, they are moving around so you never know where they are," Jurash said. "Throughout the city there are various fixed cameras and there will be more as time goes by, but this gives citizen groups the ability to target an area that really becomes a problem, whether it's dumping, graffiti or vandalism."
Those caught dumping will face the maximum penalty, including the seizure of their vehicles, Jurash said.

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