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Really Good Rant ~ But His Politics Are A Bit Off

Surviving Winter -Ethanol And Starvation

By Dick Eastman4-27-8

"Ethanol part of the starvation program -- grow a garden this year -- put potatoes in the ground you can dig up this winter -- and devote a lot of time to getting someone who knows what is going on, is not afraid to name it, confront it and defeat it in the White House ( not Clinton, Paul, McCain, or Obama) and getting likeminded people in Congress (not Pelosi etc.)"

This is not time for panic. It is time for focus. The economic structure has been deliberately sabotaged by an enemy that has gained control of our government and our system of supply to work us harm. The attack on Pearl Harbor was nothing to what this attack on us is (and false-flag 9-11 was just an opening gun of the attack by which the enemy hopes to finish us off as obstacles in their way to world control.)

Let me just talk to you about the problem and the solution.

Rice will soon be off the shelf or outside your price range

Americans should store oats at this late date -- I thought of buying some before telling you this - but only for a second.

Total war has been declared on you -- on the middle class -- and the communists and social-democrats and (in the US) the leadership of the Democrats and Republicans are mere soldiers in this war to rob and kill you.

I've proven that 9-11-- the attack on the Pentagon -- was a false flag attack conducted by the Zionist-Jew money power through the states they own and control -- Israel (Mossad etc. with an Army of infiltrators in the US) , the communist-druglord-slave-power-selling China princelings, the infiltrated cancer controlling the the political and economic neve-centers of the USA (long under the control the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the owned bosses of the political parties, the owned monopoly mass media, and the owned Congressional staffs and think tanks that tell your elected puppets of theirs how to vote.

I've said this for six years.

I think we have passed the point of no return.

As always the organized ruling minority who rule by deception and brute power are winning -- and those of the organized minority who through some accident in the ruling enemy's plan to smother us under our pillow have managed to get a grasp of what is being done have, nevertheless failed to educate and organize the victim. We failed because of scientific means used by the enemy in discrediting what informed people like Bob Bowman had to say -- the infiltrated the 9-11 movement, they used their money and pre-existing organization to make themselves the organizers and gatekeepers of every 9-11 truth effort. They deployed armies of hecklers to mock and slander those with the truth. They put in their army of fifth-column fake activists to vote in or otherwise promote false-opposition leaders of the "truth movement" so that the real and conclusive evidence (and Honegger's, and Dewdney's and Pilots' for 9-11, and "Pentacon") was drowned out by "holograms" and "no-planes hitting the wtc" and "spaced based EMP weapons causing the collapse of the WTC" and "holgorams" and "the Vatican did it" -- along with the usual means of discrediting anyone who points out that Jewish Money power is at war with the AMerican middle class and seeks to dispossess everyone of their land and wealth and make some slaves and kill off the rest -- by accusing us of being racist -- when it is THEY who are racist -- of being full of hate -- when we believe in universal brotherhood of man and that every man and woman is responsible to every other man and woman, not to stab them in the back but to make society something in which everyone has opportunity and a future and an economy in which they can receive and contribute with fulfillment, with ample lesiure, with a full-time parent at home with the children -- and when it is they who my the Mishna and the Gemara teach their children and believe it themselves that the goyim are less than human, that God forgives lying to them and cheating them, that God has promised that everything they own shall be owned by the Jews who will rule the nations (gentiles means nations) and the goyim (the word is pejorative and means cattle and is applied only to the gentiles) and God is the one in times old who again and again has led Jews to either kill everyone and take the land or else to end up with all of the wealth of the former managerial classes of the civilization that hosts them (Egyptians in Genisis, see realistically also what happens to Haman's people in the book of Esther etc.) Our civilization is being destroyed to make way for the new order in which the Jews will rule the world with China the new slave military power enforcing this rule by international Zio-organized crime. The US is spent. They are done with us and have other plans for this real estate. These banker Jews moved from Venice (where they monopolized trade routes between China and Europe) -- later when sea trade became the means of this trade the relocated to the strategic island of Britain and became the British Empire (City of London, center of global merchant banking) -- then to the US (New York) as Bernard Baruch engineered our transfromation through World War One, the Great Depression, World War Two and the Cold War each of which he had a hand in bringing about. (see footnote, to link to audio interview with Rense on this subject -- which should have made clear the game to everyone -- except that I know of only four people who bothered to listen and have never seen anyone refer to it.)

So that is the story -- the cards are on the table for you to see who has been cheating and now has possession of your farm, your horse and you children's minds' body and soul (which they are killing).

I have proposed one way out -- to rally around Bob Bowman -- the only candidate who grasps the full picture as I have presented it -- reached independently by himself -- I have spoken to him only once on the phone and have received no more than 5 notes from him -- although I have followed his career very closely and know what he has done and what he has tried to do on your behalf. Only Bob Bowman has gone around the country with the REAL Truth of 9-11 and with a real understanding of the network of finance and the corporations and what must be done from the White House and Congress to get the country back and what do do when it is gotten back.

But just as the militarized social science in the employ of the money power knew how to smother the truth known by 9-11 investigators, just as they knew how to undercut the militia movement that rose up after Waco -- their solution was to blow up the Murrah building in Oaklahoma City and blame it on the militia movement, planting the concept of "homegrown terrorism" -- which later would feed the demand for "Homeland Security" police state after the 9-11 false-flag attack, just as they have silenced everyone in education or city and state government who spoke up against their capture and sabotage of our living systems so they have drowned out the truth with Ron Paul and his anarcho-capitalist plan for a gold standard and more privatization and diminishing the power of our government -- with Hillary Clinton and her totally disingenous "populism" when her backers are 100% power-loving political prostitutes as she is -- who know they would be just as poor and hopeless and miserable as we are if they did not sell out the the money power "You can't make money as a lawyer unless you work for the banks" as she said when she worked for the Rose Law firm -- where she was rewarded with rigged commodity market profits -- a million to one shot -- because of her favors for the New York money power -- how do you think she suddenly became Senator from New York without monstrously close connections to the money power???

But I always get off on the mountain of details of their crimes -- and I lose you. So let me summarize.

You have an enemy out to kill you. This enemy has arranged death by starvation to disrupt society enabling them to take over in a more ruthless way than every before and arrange the world the way they want it. It is essentially a global slave plantation -- global communism -- the dream of Zionist Communism and Communist Zionism -- but of course this is not a classless society, of course this is not dictatorship of the proletariat (is the Chinese wage slave working for nothing in super factories made with the robbed wealth of American debt slaves and American drug addicts are they the "dictators" of China -- of course not) -- it will be regimented communism with the total crushing of the human spirit for the world's population and master racehood for Zionists -- for Jews -- (not all Jews are mass murderers like the ROthschilds, Rockefellers and their henchmen (Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Zakheim and all the rest at various levels in government, media, finance, education etc. -- but most Jews are waiting to see if the Zionists win because, to them who don't mind the idea of human slavery as long as they are not the slaves, it might be kind of nice for them if Zio-Imperialism-Communism does win. It will be communism for the masses -- a regimented society where the human spirit that existed in the 19th century (let Jefferson or Thomas Paine represent this spirit) is crushed -- an existence more like that visualized in Firtz Lang's 1926 movie Metropolis, or described in H.G. Wells novel When the Sleeper Wakes but also as in C. M. Kornbluth's 1954 story "The Syndic" in which organized crime rules (the most prophetic science fiction story of them all). But this is not litarary essay -- this is a warning. You have got to break the barrier and talk about why gas prices are so high (because of deliberate consolidation and exercise of monopoly power following 9-11 which was deliberate); why food prices are so high (because diversion of food stock to ethanol was a trick, it was unnecessary -- there is plenty of oil for human use -- because the super rich have used their credit monopoly to capture enough of the farmland of the world for their giant agribusiness corporations that they can now charge monopoly prices just as they do with oil and they can control and cut off the food supply to ruthlessly destroy an center of human organization and liberal civilization remaining that could become a threat to them (that would be us).

I have one solution -- the only one at this late date -- that solution is a national unity drive to Bob Bowman for president. To be for Bob Bowman is your declaration to the world that you understand the class warfare that is really being waged against us all. Ron Paul says that Arab terrorists did 9-11 and he has never considered that 9-11 was a false-flag attack -- and he believes that less government is the solution, more power to corporations, for privatization, more unregulated economic power in private hands -- privat police forces, private prison systems, priviate media, and monopoly corporations in a world with no-anti-trust and no regulation except by the money power itself. Ron Paul does not recognize the existence of the money power. All he sees is the advantages of free competition and laissez faire and a gold system -- even when all the gold is in the hands of the super rich and that in order to get money to pay our debts in gold the government and the people will have to go deeper into debt etc.

And Obama -- he is a good person -- but he certainly is unaware of the system -- or he would sound a lot more like his pastor (whose analysis is closer to Bob Bowman's by the way) -- if Obama knows more but is afraid to say it -- Bob Bowman is never afraid to say exactly what our economic system is -- if Obama can't rally us around the truth of the 9-11 false-flag attack -- then he is simply not the man to lead us. The man who leads us has to say exactly what is happening even knowing that it can end in a bullet or with sudden contracting of fast-acting cancer or "an accident" or "suicide" -- just as in warfare someone has to get out of the trench and charge the enemy line even though the odds of their first man out of the trench making it across enemy lines are next to zero -- still you do it because it has to be done and you ar e the one equipped to do it -- only wars like World War One and Iraq did not have to be done - this war -- the war of the money power against you -- is the REAL war that threatens our existence and way of life -- not only threatens, but is mercilessly tearing away our flesh and muscle off our bones right now.

I don't know how you are going to get behind Bob Bowman -- but you must -- you must start talking against Hillary Clinton and McCain (two nightmares, two cyanide tablets for the body politic, two terror bombs planted by the money power) and against Obama and Paul (in the race to lose -- each was put in to draw off disaffected democrats and disaffected Republicans from looking for a real non-partisan independent candidate -- to keep you from backing Bob Bowman. I admit that Obama may not understand what his role is, I think Ron Paul dimly does so -- I know Ron Paul is consciously "anti-populist" in his libertarianism (which is actually anarcho-capitalism and no classical liberalism). Bob Bowman tells you the truth about the 9-11 evidence and about the international economy and the criminal nature of our power elite. The other candidates are like the "no-planers" giving you phony economics and phony geopolitics -- as if the Rothschilds stand for "free competition" , as if Abrab fanatics with box cutters got through our air defenses and hit the Pentagon after the two tallest skyscrapers in New York City had already been hit --- that is what Ron Paul believes. That is not what you and I believe and only Bob Bowman is saying what you and I believe.

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