Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Idiot Schumer Just Doesn't Get It; Sociopaths Rarely Do

“What's truly galling about Sen. Chuck Schumer's remarks ,” writes another, “about rebate checks going ultimately to the Mideast oil barons is his own gall: Why aren't we drilling offshore like Brazil did and discovering oil reserves larger than the Mideast fields? Why are other countries like China drilling off the American continents, not us? Where are the refineries we need to process more fuel? Where are the nuclear plants we need? “Why? Because leaders in Congress like Chuck Schumer have listened to the environmentalists over the years and legislated America into the pecuniary position we are in today. But he's not alone. I blame all of those in Congress since the 1973 oil crisis for not doing the right thing for the American citizens. Instead, both sides have engaged in bitter partisan politics, the public be damned. There's no real leadership, no real statesmanship in Congress -- only petty politics engaged in by petty people who should know and do better. “Look at the present ethanol debacle. Ethanol, we've discovered, is energy negative and is causing a vertical spike in food costs. Our elected leaders seem to be a bunch of know-it-all idiots who truly deserve to be booted out on their asses as soon as possible. What good have they done for us since the oil crisis?”
Yeah! And what about that mound of debt they’re leaving with us?!

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