Monday, April 21, 2008

Sayonara Sawbuck!

Eight Easy Ways to Say Goodbye to the Buck
Don't know the first thing about trading currencies? No problem. You can still invest outside of the falling dollar - even with just a normal stock brokerage account.
Let's look at some great ways you can get in on the foreign currency markets, and actually profit from the dropping dollar.
So Easy You Could Start Investing Tomorrow
The investing public is already in the know when it comes to exchange traded funds (ETFs). Your average Main Street investor can tell you ETFs cover certain market sectors or styles of investing. Many even realize there are ETFs that cover the international markets.
However, it's not always publicized that you can easily use these products as pure currency plays. These days, you can buy exchange traded funds that are pure currency plays on all the major world currencies. Currently you can buy eight major currency ETFs. These include the euro (FXE), British pound (FXB), Mexican peso (FXM), Swedish krona (FXS), Australian dollar (FXA), Canadian dollar (FXC), Japanese yen (FXY) and Swiss franc (FXF). These eight currencies have interest rates ranging from 7.50% on the Mexican Peso to a low of 0.50% on the Japanese Yen. The symbols for most of them are very easy to remember too.You can invest in these revolutionary products with any standard brokerage account the same way you would buy shares of IBM or Google. For example, you could call up Charles Schwab, E*Trade, Ameritrade, Merrill Lynch, etc., and buy a currency ETF tomorrow.

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