Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something "Silver" This Way Comes

Why the Financial Werewolves Hate Silver

February 28, 2011

Folklore, myths and legends have all attributed silver bullets to being one of the ways to kill "werewolves". I find it fascinating that the current youth of America and Europe are fascinated by werewolves and vampires as their futures are literally being sucked from their very lives.

Death is more appealing to many, more so then the promise of a life worth living or a career worth pursuing let alone Heaven and Eternal life. Unfortunately real life is a far cry from the soap opera presentation "As the world churns and burns".

The carnage that "financial werewolves" leave in their path, becomes a perfect metaphor for the financial markets now destroying the lives, hopes and dreams of families, who are having their hearts and lives torn apart from these "creatures" and their elected handlers.

Silver was believed to be involved in killing the "disease" that caused the shape-shifting virus that would change a man in to a werewolf or vampire during a full moon. Incidentally, legends suggests that "sheep" were the favorite delicacy of werewolves. How appropriate, as the sheep are no longer just being shorn of their finances, but are being herded off to the slaughterhouse to become delicacies for the werewolves to consume. Silver in the Old Testament was always tied to redemption and refinement.

The Tabernacle, the giant tent where the Ark of the Covenant was kept in the Holy of Holies where God's Literal earthly presence manifested, had precious metals vessels, which were made of a specific metal, increasing in purity and value in approaching the presence of God. The epistles of Paul and the Revelation of Jesus that God gave to the apostle John (The Book of Revelation) all make reference to silver being a precious metal and of great value.

Silver and gold are precious as they are rare, unique and don't wear out under normal circumstances. They have stood the test of time and still are universally accepted as a means of exchange in all the world. The word redeem means to buy back at a greater price then the indebted and enslaved debtor could ever hope to accomplish on his own. Redemption required that someone capable and willing, would step up and pay the price for the other persons debt.

The financial world and their paper have brought the world to it's prophetic final showdown. Paper has plastered the planet as evil and malevolent beings bring the planet to its ultimate confrontation with eternity.

Jesus said the love of money is the root of all evil and so the control of money is the control of all evil. Paper money will fail during the global famine, that has now begun, which by the way is being fomented and helped along by the globalist werewolves and their demonic cohorts, and technology, whose appetite for mutton has increased dramatically.

Silver, gold platinum and palladium, not to mention all other metals and rare earths, are the only way to have anything of value, now that the engineered global chaos has been unleashed. The Chinese and other nations are trading their trillions and billions of paper dollars for precious metals at the speed of light. The powers that are, will soon meet the real powers that have always been, and even the "elites' hearts" will fail them when Lucifer, returns in full fury, and the Living God strips Lucifer of his mask that has seduced even them! This is one fiddling contest with the Devil that they can't win.

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