Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sound Of Cannons Says "Start Prepping For The Worst!"

For our Sound Of Cannons faithful.  With the runup in gas prices and more "Days Of Rage" planned for the always volatile Middle East, we've already seen a .50/gallon runup on gas prices and the ancillary price increases of food and energy.  While here at Sound Of Cannons Towers East we like to maintain a sunny, pleasant demeanor, we can no longer admit things are looking even remotely good.  This could be the big shakeout and we write that with all manner of seriousness and integrity.  That there WILL be societal disruption, there is NO DOUBT.  How severe that will be requires a crystal ball much less cloudy than ours. 
The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse are headed for the stables.  Let's hope it's a leisurely crawl they're using to get there before they mount up.  But now is not the time to let up on preparations for this potential nightmare.  We are urging our readers to "Step Up The Prep" immediately and with no hesitation.

  • Buy canned foods, MRE's, pasta, and anyother foodstuffs that will keep for awhile.
  • It's getting late now, but if you can secure a hideaway cabin or access to a friend's it could mean the difference between surviving or not.  Make exhaustive plans on how to get there in all types of situations.  Buy as many fuel cans as possible and keep them good with Stabil.  What little fuel that is available will go quick as authorities lay claim to it all.
  • Good God almighty, buy WATER! Containers, barrels whatever.  Try to get your house's well fitted for a manual pump.  You can go 30 days without food, 3 days without H2O.
  • Shore up the house.  You urban dwellers are on your own, sadly.  If you've got a casa that you plan on staying in, prep it for safety and grid-down habitation.  Now.
  • Home protection.  There are about 57 million blogs out there authored by gun owners, find a good one and follow the lead.  You need to protect yourself and family and community too.  If this situation goes BALLS OUT, there are going to be a lot of people wanting what you've got.
  • Make preparations for no electrical power.  Lanterns, flashlights, batteries, chainsaws etc.
  • If all the above is taken care of, prep for no media.  Games, books and other items that will help pass the time. Purchase stable items that you may use as trade in the future (good alcohol, bullets, silver coins etc)
We're all hoping and praying that this will be needless prep ala Y2K, but the doomsayers have to be right at some point and right now there are more reasons to believe the Shit-Will-Hit-The-Fan than not.  Please read , they have fantastic on-line resources you can use to your knowledge advantage.  We read it daily.  We'll all share a laugh if this was just an big scare.  If not, you've been warned.

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