Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hey Sound Of Cannons Readers, We're Going On Vacation!

It's been awhile since the last Christmas holiday and our associate editor Ralph has been getting a might grumpy as of late.  Several writers at Sound Of Cannons Towers East now avoid his cubicle with wariness for the lashes he doles out verbally when time off is overdue.
So we're going to let the SOC Tech Department fine tune the servers and whatever else techies do while we all reacquaint ourselves with our respective families, wives, girlfriends or mixture of all.  (just kidding folks)

We'll monitor the Sound Of Cannons email account if you want to drop us a line:
Feel free to impart opinion, knowledge or outrage (no racism or excessive profanity) in any order you feel like expressing.

We'll fire up the "blog kiln" again around May 13th or 14th.  
And as always, thank you dear readers for stopping by and checking out our offerings on SOC.  You keep us all engaged in the current events that shape our lives.

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