Sunday, April 22, 2012

2nd Amendment Rights More Important Than Ever........

In this recent incident, an aberration of society walked into a church in Spartanburg, raising a shotgun.
Fortunately, before mayhem could ensue, an armed parishioner took him at gunpoint.  This was not what the violent intruder had come for; he surrendered, and a mass murder was averted.

These things don’t always have such happy endings.  For a number of reasons, houses of worship are disproportionately likely to be the targets of mass murderers.  Across the spectrum of the faiths, clergy and church management have taken to heart the words attributed to Jesus Christ:  “If thou hast not a sword, sell thy cloak and buy one.” (Luke 22:36)
Yeah, it’s Sunday. Some of you are religious, some are not.  I once gave that quote to a friend who happens to be an atheist, who replied with a puzzled look, “Whose screen name is Luke twenty-two thirty-six? What forums does he post on?”  Well, if you don’t read the Bible, you’ll find the same principle in Ethics 101.  There is such a thing as a responsibility to protect the innocent from evil.  This is why so many houses of worship now provide discreet armed security for their members in attendance.
One such was Jeanne Assam, an ex-cop working volunteer security at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado on December 9, 2007.  In the wee hours of that morning, a crazed young man had shot multiple people at an affiliated church in a suburb of Denver.  The same monster showed up at the Colorado Springs facility with an AR15, a couple of handguns, and a backpack with more than a thousand rounds of ammunition.  He opened fire in the parking lot, killing two and wounding two more.  Entering the church, he found himself facing Ms. Assam…and his own mortality.
Disregarding her own safety, Jeanne Assam moved in on the heavily armed gunman, firing her Beretta 92 FS with deadly accuracy, and cut him down in a hail of 9mm bullets.  Some say that at the last moment he put a fatal bullet into himself, but that wouldn’t change the fact that he died only after Ms. Assam disabled him with multiple solid hits, and stopped a rampage that could have claimed dozens of lives.

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