Thursday, April 19, 2012

Robin Leach: Obama Is A Socialist (Gee Robin, ya think?)

Former Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host Robin Leach said Friday that President Obama is a socialist.
Appearing on the Fox Business Network, Leach told host Neal Cavuto the current White House resident is "whipping up this racial war and this economic divide" (video follows with transcript and commentary):
NEAL CAVUTO, HOST: The White House itching to slam the rich nonetheless by taxing them out. But lots of states are trying to actually reel them in. In South Carolina for example, they are pushing big tax breaks for billionaires who invest in small businesses. My next guest says that's a good idea, and he knows or two about the rich. He made a living by following how rich folks were living. Former "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" host Robin Leach who has I think one of the most distinct voices on the planet.
I would love you to do like my answering machine, "You've reached the Cavuto residence." No. How are you?
ROBIN LEACH, VEGASDELUXE.COM HOST: Hello. I'm very well, but unfortunatley, Neil Cavuto is out at this moment driving in his open top Rolls Royce along the beaches of the San Tropez.
CAVUTO: Just set it to record. You are not a fan of what is going on here.
LEACH: No, I think it is deadly dangerous and I don't use those two words lightly.
Look, what Obama is proposing you've got to cut right down to it, it is socialism. It is so ugly and evil. It doesn't work - it's never worked. And we went through this in Britain until Maggy Thatcher and rescued us from a fate worse than what's going to happen here.
CAVUTO: He takes great umbrage to that socialist description.
LEACH: Of course, because it is the truth.
CAVUTO: He says, "I'm trying to level the playing field."
LEACH: What is level the playing field? It's a colloquial, warm, fuzzy expression that means I am a socialist.
CAVUTO: OK. I'm going to try this one you. They argue that over the last ten years, 20 years more to the point, the rich have lopsidedly benefited from what's been going on and they believe that the only way to correct that, Robin, is to bring the rich down by paying more in taxes.
LEACH: Punish the rich. Whip the rich. Make them as middle income and as poor as the people who aren't rich.
CAVUTO: I heard from a U.S. politician Robin who said, "Look, the top rate used to be 90 percent in this country. We have a hell of a long way to go." What do you think of that?
LEACH: Frightening, because at one point in Britain it and it was 99 percent. Can you imagine that?
CAVUTO: What did they do when it was 99 percent? Surely no one paid that.
LEACH: There were more people who paid it than didn't pay it, and it looked like the end of the world. Because what happens is if you remove the monetary supply from the economy and turn it over to politicians and the government to administer, you know that everywhere you turn be it a bush that costs $300,000 to plant in a road or a GSA conference in Las Vegas, government wastes money.
Government cannot run anything efficiently. Government breeds corruption and laziness because it is a we do not care philosophy. It is rich people and it is private enterprise and it's small business owners who go out there and bust their humps to make progress in whatever line of work they are doing. It is in our human nature.
But then there is this other group of people who think that  the money should be taken away from the go-getters and do-gooders because they are not going to do it and they can't do it and they won't do it. And for as long as you have a president who is whipping up this racial war and this economic divide, which he is doing quietly, but some of us see through it, you begin to realize that level the playing field is truly socialism.
CAVUTO: Well, I don't know how to top that.
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Yet folks in our media are 100 percent behind this president never questioning his motives or his policies.
Makes you want to cry, doesn't it?

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