Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Banksters On A Plane

“We have a ponzi economy. Although, now, I can call it a Bernie Madoff economy. It’s the exact same principle. I don’t even know why we put Bernie Madoff in jail. We should have made him Secretary of the Treasury. He understands the whole concept perfectly, of what we’re doing. But the whole thing is coming to an end. That is the broader bubble.” - Peter Schiff, speaking at New York University on April 30, 2009.
“Max Keiser: The enemy is not Al-Qaeda. It’s not Iran. It’s not anything except central bankers.
Stacy Herbert: What we’re saying is these guys are deranged. They’re going berserk. They’re running up and down our financial, economic, and monetary aisles. They must be tackled and stopped. We the passengers on this plane will not stop our central bankers from destroying our economy. Let’s look at the results of us sitting there like toads with nothing to do and letting these guys run amok.” - Keiser Report: Kamikaze Banking (E269).
“When we look at what’s going on around the world now, particularly in Europe, there is a high probability of some kind of economic martial law, an economic 9/11, if you will, occurring.” - Gerald Celente, from an interview on GoldSilver Radio, March 13, 2012.
“On September 11, not only human life, aircraft and buildings were destroyed in New York City, but also data on computers and in archives. For example, several federal agencies occupied space in Building 7 of the World Trade Center, including the Securities and Exchange Commission on floors 11 to 13.
Those and other data could have given information about the alleged 9/11 insider trading (though it seems to be very unlikely that no backup existed elsewhere independent of the local computer systems). In fact, some technology companies were commissioned to recover damaged hard disks, which had been recovered from the debris and dust of Ground Zero.” – Lars Schall, “Insider trading 9/11 … the facts laid bare,” Asia Times Online, March 21, 2012.
“In a true republic, when you see the restoration of the republic, you will see the repeal of the sixteenth amendment. And, also, next year we ought to have a celebration. The Federal Reserve System is going to be a hundred years old. So what we should do is have a bill that repeals the Federal Reserve Act.” – Ron Paul,“The People Should Spend the Money, Not the Government,”March 29, 2012.
Gerald Celente’s warning of an economic 9/11 should serve as an early wake-up call to America and the world.
And Celente is not the only one sounding the alarm. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert draw on the analogy of a hijacked plane to describe the relationship between the ruthless private central bankers and the people of America, as well as people around the world. That analogy was the inspiration for this short article.
The central banking pilots, says Stacy Herbert, are drunk with power and consumed by madness. And these power-mad, stark-raving financial lunatics are deliberately crashing the global financial plane into the ground, hoping to make a huge killing from the wreckage.
The people of the world are basically trapped on the plane because the international banksters own the largest empire in history, and they have all kinds of weapons to destroy sovereign nations that refuse to bow down to them. Since they took over America in 1913, they have put the American empire in debt to them, and waged illegal wars around the world.
The international banksters on the plane have a rescue plan for themselves, but their millions of victims will be sacrificed in the coming global economic crash. By definition, then, the banksters who own the Federal Reserve and other non-governmental central banks are financial terrorists and mass murderers. Max Keiser says that the banksters frequently threaten to blow up the global financial system if governments do not give them what they want.
Those who own the Federal Reserve and the big banks are like mad dogs without a leash who would be quickly put down in a civilized, moral, and sane society. If we lived in a civilized world based on the rule of law then the international banksters wouldn’t be able to steal trillions of dollars and get away with it. But we live in a barbaric world based on the rule of thieves and war criminals.
Banksters are so much worse than terrorists. Their method of killing innocent people and blowing up public infrastructure is not via suicide bombings or violent terrorist acts. They destroy nations with financial warfare tactics such as recklessly printing money, knowingly selling bad assets to investors, stealing people’s money, and illegally collecting interest payments from enslaved populations who live under captured governments.
A bankster’s pen is more deadly than a terrorist’s bomb. America and Europe are not being terrorized by Baghdad Jihad but by London Bankster. The Federal Reserve has destroyed America, so it is totally irrational to forgive the Federal Reserve and fear non-existent terrorists and the absurd Islamic onslaught of Sharia Law.
The whole world is living in the banksters’ nightmare called the War on Terror that began with the coordinated psychological attack on the global public mind on September 11, 2001 by the bankster-owned U.S. government and Western media. They created the enemy that they wanted America to fight because they needed the American people to be distracted by invented demons while they robbed them behind closed doors.
Once America wakes up from its collective nightmare, it will get back on its feet. But America is not alone in the fight against theinternational banking cartel. All the nations of the world must join hands and fight to end the international banking cartel’s reign of terror over the world. These financial monsters want to devour our countries, our freedoms, and our lives.
Once the tyrannical Federal Reserve System and other private central banks are shut down permanently, the world will be released from the bondage of financial tyranny.

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