Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Transnational Financial Parasites: Make-Believe Gods Of A Global Insane Asylum

The Bankster-Owned American Empire is the Demonic God of The Global Insane Asylum Called Earth.
“Deacon Frost: Tonight the age of man comes to an end. No more compromises.
Quinn: We’re gonna be Gods.” – Blade (1998). Screenwriter: David S. Goyer. Director: Stephen Norrington.
“Blade: You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping! There is another world beneath it – the real world.” – Blade (1998).
“The mid-fifties were characterized by theories and feelings that a revolution in social thinking was overdue. Apparently, however, no one could work up enough of a head of steam to get things moving. But the theoretical concepts were there. For example, I am thinking of one fine psychological writer in particular, the late Robert Lindner. He was the author ofPrescription for Rebellion which almost made the mark, though I suspect the time was not yet ripe for the emergence of a movement to devise widespread change of patterns of thought and behavior. Attention needs to be redirected to it, however, because there are some saving principles enunciated there.
It was basic to his thinking that all Western society is “neurotic” since Western man lives only according to taboos, myths, legends — beliefs without foundation in fact. Yet the average psychiatrist, Lindner complained, tries to “adjust” his patients to placid acceptance of a maladjusted society. This procedure has caused many to condemn psychological practice as a “quack religion.” And so it is, according to Lindner, whenever it offers the individual no more than resubmergence in mass man. If psychological science is sound, then in order to save Western man, our fundamental behavior and basic beliefs must be made to yield to the efforts of informed rebels. It has taken several years for the “informed rebels” to surface and make their influence felt.” – Israel Regardie, from his introduction to Aleister Crowley’s The Law is For All, included in the book, “An Interview With Israel Regardie: His Final Thoughts and Views,” edited by Christopher S. Hyatt. 1985. Falcon Press: Phoenix, Arizona. Pg. 88-89.
“We recognize beauty. The firmament is the evidence of God – the architect. People say Luciferians call their God the architect – a counterfeit of the real architect, the real great architect. You look at what the new world order builds. It builds horrible, ugly things that malfunction, trying to always be God, always saying they’re God, always saying they’re going to take over our will. That’s not what God does. God doesn’t try to take over your will. God tries to empower you, but in a non-destructive way. So you can stare out into the universe anytime you want. You’re on a planet with a thin ribbon of gases on the surface, and all the mountains, and all the people that came before us and lived, and struggled, and fought. And that’s why it’s the greatest sin the new world order commits, not just killing and diseasing our young, but attacking our DNA, our future generations, everything that is the true blessings. The system is waging unending war.” – Alex Jones, “The System is Waging Unending War.”
Many artists and poets have said that our planet is an insane asylum where the craziest people are the authorities in charge of enforcing the rules, not the patients. The 20th century gave proof to this claim. Look at the madness in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and other fascist dictatorships. And in this century we have the example of totalitarian fascist America: the biggest, craziest, and most evil empire that has ever existed in history.
In the past, the poets and artists were dismissed as eccentric goofballs. But not anymore. Their poetic insight into our world is now a popular truth. In this new day and age, mankind’s wisest minds like Allen Ginsberg and Bill Hicks are listened to more than government leaders and their media presstitutes who conceal USrael’s crimes against humanity from the world.
America’s Global Totalitarian Terrorist Empire, ruled by transnational financial parasites from Wall Street and London and egged on by the mentally unstable demagogues of Israel, is the Demonic God of the global insane asylum that we call Earth.
Anyone who challenges this Empire of Evil – Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran – gets bombed, poisoned, terrorized, starved to death, and destroyed. It is a sin in the current world order to question the Demonic God in Washington and assert your own values, independence, and uniqueness.
This short video called, “Star Wars Amerika,” by Tony Kellam captures the evil spirit of the insane monsters who rule America and what they have planned for the world behind closed doors.
Aaron Dykes touched on the same theme in December in his article,“Joining the Dark Side: Darth Vader’s Stranglehold on America,” writing:
“America has lost its way, and its slide towards the Dark Side has come explicitly through undermining the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Executive orders and acts of Congress have encouraged killings outside of law, illegal monitoring of protest groups and the legitimacy of technology used to criminalize and literally stifle free speech.”
Since 9/11, itself engineered by the Evil Empire and Israel, there have been more than a hundred 9/11s in the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been murdered. Children are massacred from the air. Women are raped by drugged out occupying soldiers who view war as a video game. And entire villages are burned down.
Inside the dark belly of the Evil Empire, the evil wars are defended as wars of liberation and wars for national defense. But America the country is not being defended because it was consumed by a private central banking system, fascist multinational corporations, and a military-industrial complex that knows no limits to its power and greed.
The Evil Empire’s sorcerers can make its large mass of brainwashed victims believe any absurdity. They have put America and the entire world under a dark spell. Reality is turned upside down. History is suppressed. Memories are manufactured. Demons are invented. Reformers are vilified. Truth-telling is advertised as lunacy. Chaos is created to increase government power and shutdown dissent. Lies are told as a matter of state policy.
What is being created is pure and absolute hell. The Evil Empire’s policies are leading to social and economic disaster. As Gerald Celente says, people will go nuts sooner or later. When they lose faith in their treacherous and dishonest leaders, and realize that civilization around them is crumbling to ashes, the darkness will consume their minds. They will go ape. Not everybody has the mental toughness to handle such dire circumstances.
When the global economy collapses and the U.S. dollar falls to its death, crime and violence will skyrocket. Abuse of antidepressant drugs is already rampant in the United States and the West. Imagine what will happen in a state of complete economic collapse.
Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones wrote in their article,“Antidepressant Drugs Causing Epidemic of Mania, Mayhem and Murder”:
The connection between anti-depressant drugs and inexplicable and sudden violence is especially prescient given today’s report concerning how “110,000 Army personnel were given antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs,” while on duty last year, prescribed medicines on which psychologists have blamed “a surge in random acts of violence”.
Guns, plus dangerous drugs, individual mental depression, and a global economic depression don’t mix well. With society in disarray, the mind absent from reality, leaders few and far between, and government goons taking over the streets, many individuals will start going wild.
liberal bad liberal ideaWe are already seeing the transformation. North America is being turned into a fascist transnational police state. One day we’ll wake up to read about more government staged terror events, and our societies will become more closed and more tense.
If only the world could be liberated from the Evil Empire and the war-crazed leaders of Israel, who are controlled by the biggest tyrants of this age: the transnational, private central banking parasites. Washington’s Blog explained the real reasons why the Evil Empire and Israel go to war in the article, “Are The Middle East Wars Really About Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking?”
When the truth about how the international banksters robbed America gets out, things will get ugly. The guards of the asylum will crackdown with fierce brutality and precision to crush protests and maintain order. Western governments are saying that their resources are dedicated to handling mobs and riots, stopping the spread of terrorism, and ensuring public safety. But we all know the truth is they have stocked up on military equipment and passed draconian laws to destroy individual freedoms, and suppress economic and political reform movements.
Under this insane financial, political, and military system, the financial gods call the shots. The political servants write the laws. The military guards follow the orders. And the people suffer and die. It is a system built on mass deception, mass violence, and mass death.
This system only knows one thing: terror. The idea that a system of terror can destroy its own creation is beyond crazy. The Evil Empire would have to commit systematic suicide if it ever wanted to win its grandiose war on terrorism. But winning was never the aim. The aim was always to destroy Western civilization and Islamic civilization. Islamic radicals are as much a threat to the Evil Empire as ants are to an elephant.
In this global insane asylum, we should not fear a few loose inmates who’ve gone mad, but the insane gods of the system who commit attacks like 9/11 and exploit tragedies to initiate evil wars and destroy democratic government. It is madness to believe their lies and mistake their darkness for light.


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