Friday, April 13, 2012

The West’s Descent Into Madness Began On September 11

We always hear about “those crazy Russians” and “those crazy Middle Easterners.” Hollywood films are full of these stereotypes. Whenever a war in the Middle East breaks out or a massive terrorist attack takes place, the West’s response is focused on psychology instead of politics. “Those people are just crazy, they’ll never get it together, they’ve fought over land and religion for millennia.”
The stigma of madness is used with great effect by the mass corporate media. People who look deeper into the roots of the conflicts of the Middle East and use their knowledge to counter the popular Western perceptions are painted with the same “crazy conspiracy theory” brush.
The men of the East are rarely humanized. Only the men of the West are immortalized as heroic and noble. The Eastern man is demonized by the West because the West is perpetually at war with the East–Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Arabs, Pakistanis, Afghans.
From a sociological and political perspective, the West’s mythology of the East is necessary because otherwise the people of the West, who are kind, generous, and gracious, would not support their civilization’s warfare against the East. But from a humanitarian perspective, Western mythology is a total disaster. It is driven by madness and a lust for domination, not reason.
We can’t expect one civilization to understand another civilization when powerful transnational and private interests do not want understanding, mutual respect, love, and brotherhood to become the highest aspirations of all mankind.
As long as the East is identified with irrationality, religious extremism, and barbarism while the West is identified with reason, science, and democracy, no progress can be made on the path to world peace. Both civilizations must lay down their arms, abandon their crude mythology, and work together in common faith to make the world a better place for all members of our beautiful planet.
II. The West Is Mad
On the question of madness, we have to ask ourselves: what about the West? Is it not irrational as well, and perhaps even more than the East? And I’m not just talking about Hitler and the madness of Nazi Germany. I’m talking about England, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, and Israel, the so-called “advanced, free democracies” of the world. They are the major countries that are leading the charge against international terrorism and Islamic extremism, but are actually creating the terror and causing global chaos.
International terrorism and Islamic extremism exist in large part because the corrupt state intelligence agencies of Western countries fund, train, and arm Islamic radicals. Plus, they stage false flag terror attacks like 9/11 and 7/7 to brainwash the people of the West into accepting the militarization of society as necessary for public safety.
The scholar and author Israel Regardie, writing about the American psychiatrist Robert Lindner’s insights into the mind, said that Lindner believed “all Western society is “neurotic” since Western man lives only according to taboos, myths, legends — beliefs without foundation in fact.” How true!
We think the West is scientific and rational, but how sane can a civilization be when it decides to go to war against a verb? Terrorism, as many analysts have said, is a law enforcement issue. It will exist as long as Western occupation of the East persists, and as long as government oppression exists in any part of the world.
Western civilization has indeed gone mad. Apart from the conspiracy theory/alternative paradigm segment of society, no one is telling the truth about 9/11 and the true reasons for the fraudulent war on terror. Even worse, most people make fun of truth-telling and pretend that Western governments and the Western media have told us all there is to know about the 9/11 attacks.
The sanest men of the West – Ron Paul, Alex Jones, David Icke, Richard Gage, Michael Ruppert, and many more thoughtful revolutionaries – are denounced as crazy conspiracy theorists and paranoid nutjobs. These men are lions of the spirit in the book of life. They do not deserve ridicule, but praise and gratitude.
Alien visitors who study our civilization and our planet from afar would conclude that the West is a mad civilization, and that Earth is full of people who do not have their heads on straight. And that includes the men of the East who mistakenly believe that cursing the West somehow gives their civilization strength and honour. It doesn’t, it just shows how stupid they are. The irrationality of the most extremist elements of political Islam consists in their refusal to meet the West halfway and bridge the wide psychological gap between the two civilizations.
III. The Madness of The West’s War Against Iran
America’s relationship to Iran is similar to Satan’s relationship to man. America’s insane and monstrous leaders constantly flash the sword of death in front of Iran, and expect Iran to fall to its knees and beg for mercy. That is not going to happen. America must fundamentally change its stance and reject war as a tool to reshape the world.
Award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh highlighted the warped reasoning of American policy towards Iran on Democracy Now on Tuesday, April 10. Hersh said:
“So we are now—the United States is now in the position of increasing sanctions and pressuring all sorts of economic pressure on the Iranians to stop—the whole purpose of the economic sanctions is to stop the Iranians from making a bomb that we know they’re not making. Once again, I don’t know how we get into this convoluted position. And then, as readers of the major newspapers know, we are now also entering new talks with Iran with new preconditions, and basically telling them that they must stop doing enriching, what they are legally entitled to do as members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”
The source of the madness of the West is without doubt the Western media, which is filled with government spies, anti-freedom propagandists, hate-filled pundits, and circus buffoons. The Western media is not professional, objective, sane, or honest. It suppresses the truth about the 9/11 attacks, the insanity of the global war on terrorism, and aggression against Iran by Israel and the West.
IV. The West Is Sleepwalking On The Road To Totalitarian Hell
What we have in the West is a schizophrenic civilization on steroids. It is either headed for the cliff or it will transform and transcend into something more beautiful and grander.
“Madness,” said Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, “need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through. It is potential liberation and renewal as well as enslavement and existential death.”
Paul Levine, in his essay on Laing called, “R.D. Laing: The Politics of the Mind,” wrote:
While R.D. Laing is perhaps most famous as the man who has redefined the boundaries of our definition of madness, his most important accomplishment to date has been to reveal to us the workings of “the politics of experience”. For if we are to transform our alienated, fragmented selves into liberated, whole persons, we must repoliticize our experience so that we may reclaim it, validate it for ourselves, and thus become the primary actors in our world. What Laing has done is to expose the process of mystifica­tion whereby we have tied ourselves and each other in knots, creating a divided self and a divided world. He sums the idea up this way:
As long as we cannot up-level our “thinking” beyond Us and Them, the goodies and baddies, it will go on and on. The only possible end will be when all the goodies have killed all the baddies, and all the baddies all the goodies, which does not seem so difficult or unlikely since to Us, we are the goodies and They are the baddies, while to Them, we are the baddies and they are the goodies.
Millions of people have died this century and millions more are going to, including, we have every reason to expect, many of Us and our children, because we cannot break this knot.
It seems a comparatively simple knot, but it is tied very, very tight-round the throat, as it were, of the whole human species,
But don’t believe me because I say so, look in the mirror and see for yourself.
We must take R.D. Laing’s words to heart. It is our joyous task in the global alternative media to promote greater understanding between East and West, serve righteousness and justice, and help our fellow human beings see the great value in self-reflection and truth-telling.
We can either come together to work towards common, sane, and peaceful goals, or we can go mad in our separate ways on the road to hell, upon which we are all currently traveling on because of the policies of our insane and criminal governments.

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