Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Law Of The Sea Treaty: Lets Get Rid Of This

Law of the Sea treaty should be voted down
Bill McNallyNashua TelegraphMonday November 26, 2007
The big news in 1978 was when Ronald Reagan declared: "No national interest of the United States can justify handing sovereign control of two-thirds of the Earth's surface over to the Third World."
Now we have President Bush and U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg trying to push the United States overboard into LOST – the Law of the Sea Treaty – controlled by the United Nations.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is sending this treasonous treaty to the full Senate with a 17-4 approval vote.
You should know that Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a presidential candidate, has a bill (H.R.-1146) that would get the United States out of the United Nations and hopefully the UN out of the United States (www.GetUSout.org).

Call U.S. Reps. Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter and ask them to co-sponsor H.R.-1146.
It's doubtful that Sen. John E. Sununu would dare to vote for LOST because of his re-election bid in 2008.
What has the Republican administration promised Gregg to vote to ratify LOST? You should call Gregg today and tell him "Don't let the USA get LOST."

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